Goodby, Silverstien and Partners, Rich Silverstein, Steve Simpson, & John Norman, for Adweek

BSSP Ad Agency Greg Stern , Mike Shines , and John Butler  at their offices in Sausalito, CA.

Andrea Mallis, Sports Astrologer. Sports Illustrated

Emily Luchetti, Pastry Chef at Farallone Restaurant, SF. for Newsweek

Grocery Outlet customers in Visalia, CA, for Grocery Outlet

Night time bicycle tours thru San Francisco for America West Mag

Troy McKindley, student golfer, suffers from "Social Anxiety Disorder" for Golf Digest.

Ward Connerly, UC Regent. Cover image for California Monthly

Andy Grove, CEO of Intel for Businessweek

Interview with Charles Moore at Intel, for Businessweek

Coach Bill Walsh at Stanford for Time Mag.

9er Coach, Bill Walsh & Mayor Diane Fienstien, celebrate in Superbowl Victory Parade in SF, 1986

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